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Nature’s Eco Way is a Canadian company dedicated to providing our clients with some of the most advanced technology in the wellness industry. Our focus is on a range of products from Japan from water remediation to restoring and maintaining cellular health in all life.

Our main line of products have been charged with an electromagnetic wave called Terahertz (THz).

These products are a natural way of helping to restore the health of all living cells.

Benefits for human health:

• Helps to relieve stiffness and pain by breaking down lactic acid in the joints.
• Boosts circulation
• Good for general health

Other benefits:

• Energizes water
• Prolongs freshness in all perishable foods
• Elongates battery life

What is the Terahertz Electromagnetic Wave?

According to Dr. Hiroki Shima, Founder of the Shima Institute of Quantum Medicine in Osaka Japan: All living matter in nature emits life vibrational waves called terahertz rays. The human body also emits terahertz rays. Babies emit the largest amount with the highest average emissivity. As our vitality declines with age, the amount of emission of terahertz rays decreases.

“Ailing organs and weakened bodies show reduction in the terahertz ray emission.”
In Japan, Dr Shinno and Dr Shima have produced terahertz wave irradiation equipment that is able to harness this wave that exists all around us in nature and apply it to products, and once applied, it is ingenerated with terahertz indefinitely.

The products are used in the form of patches, sheets and insoles that are placed on the body which emit a low charge of the terahertz wave and effect living cells, invigorating electrons and simulating the activity of healthy cells. On the electromagnetic spectrum, the Terahertz ray lies within the infrared range.



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