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Terahertz Research



Since 2007, research into terahertz technology has been receiving increasing attention around the world.

Terahertz (THz) radiation has long been studied in astronomy and analytical science, but more recently innovative uses are being discovered in photonics and nanotechnology.


Other applications can be found in:

• Information & communications technology
• Biology and medical sciences
• Medical imaging
• Homeland security
• Quality control of food and agricultural products
• Global and environmental monitoring
• Ultrafast computing, among others

In Japan, Dr Shinno and Dr Shima have produced Terahertz wave irradiation equipment that allows the Terahertz wave to be ingenerated indefinitely, once applied.

The Terahertz wave lies in the frequency gap between the infrared and microwaves. Animals, humans, plants and minerals are comprised of atoms and molecules that vibrate by absorbing energy of nature and the universe. This vibration produces a low Terahertz wave that maintains life.

Universal Life energy and Terahertz energy is the same. Both sources of energy are absorbed by water.

The human body consists of 60-70% of water (the Brain 85%). The body naturally accumulates Terahertz wave energy to provide life energy to the body.

Terahertz technology is being widely applied to medical care and food processing, agriculture, marine products industry, telecommunications industry, energy saving. The cost is low and the application is simple. When the Terahertz wave is applied in Agricultural, Farming and Marine industries products, it can produce healthy products with little or no pesticides.

In food processing, products subjected to the Terahertz wave will last longer and stay fresher with less oxidation damage. The Terahertz wave can also promote fermentation and brewing processes.

In Medical Care, when the Terahertz wave is applied to life and/or cells, enzymes and DNA become active. Cell vibration frequency is 10 power 12 cycles per second, which is the same as Terahertz wave frequency. This assists the body’s natural healing system and immune function by helping damaged cells (skin, muscles, organs etc) to return to their original state. Physical function recovery time is shortened.

Recent Medical studies have reported improvement in patients’ health from Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Kidney disease, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular disease and more.

Reported effects of using the Terahertz power patch

• Activation of living cells (influence on DNA, enzymes, protein and amino acids)
• Activation of metabolism (increase in blood circulation, reduction in stiffness, pain and cold)
• Improvement in the freshness of perishable food
• Improved utilization and cost saving of Electric Energy
• Reduction in electromagnetic waves
• Purification of exhaust gas and efficiency improvement to Oil, Coal and Natural Gas combustion
• Promotion and quality improvement of fermentation brewing

In human application, damaged cells become a normal cells, decrease in abnormal cell production, prevention of cell deterioration (preventing or slow down aging of cells).



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