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Battery Life Extender (BLE)

For use in any vehicle with a battery (cars, trucks, golf carts, boats , RV’s). As well as solar cells, heavy equipment, construction machinery etc.

This BLE system restores batteries with a 1 billion per second electronic pulsation of vibration that breaks down the sulfate which covers the battery plates that causes them to die.

This device restores batteries to full potential within 2 weeks and will keep them charged.


  • Reduces the need to recycle batteries
  • Reduction of cost
  • Storage efficiency is increased
  • Reducing the load on the alternator
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Heat-resistant material used 90C ~ -30C

Life span of the BLE

  • Depending on the operating environment, generally 10 years.

How To use:

  1. Simply connect the [+Red] cable to the [+Post] on the battery
  2. Connect the [-Black] cable to the [-Post] on the battery
  3. Red Light will then come on the BLE to confirm it is working


Battery Life Extender (BLE)

$134.95 CAD



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