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Terahertz Power Sheet

The 3′ x 6′ Terahertz Power Sheet can be used to line fresh produce counters to slow down the oxidation process and help keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

This electromagnetic wave raises the vibration of living cells helping to keep them energized and delays decomposition. This may help reduce waste and save money on lost produce.

The Terahertz Power Sheet can also be used under mattress covers and on drivers seats. The body gets charged with a low THz vibration while you sleep or drive and gently boosts circulation.

It may help to alleviate pain and promotes healing for the whole body. The effectiveness varies on the individual condition, results will fluctuate.

Usage Benefits

  • Mattress covers
  • Driver Seats
  • Sleep blanket
  • Promotes pain relief

Terahertz Yoga Power Sheet

Charged with an electromagnetic ray called Terahertz (THz) this Power Sheet continually releases a low charge that invigorates cells and gently increases the frequency of vibration to a healthy state.

According to Dr. Hiroki Shima, Founder of the Institution of Quantum Medicine in Osaka Japan: “All living matter in nature emits life vibration waves called terahertz rays.

YogaPowerSheet2The human body naturally emits terahertz rays. Babies emit the largest amount of terahertz rays with the highest average emissivity. As our vitality declines with age, the amount of emission of terahertz rays and the average emissivity decrease. Ailing organs and weakened bodies show a reduction in terahertz ray emissions.” by one trillion hertz.

Usage Benefits

  • After 10 min of THz on your body Red blood cells stick together Normal Red blood cells
  • Promotes body balance naturally. Increases the ability to focus and calm the mind
  • Easy to use- Simply place under yoga mat black side up
  • Easy to store- Keep it rolled up with your yoga mat!
  • Clean gently with natural cleaner/air dry



THz Power Sheet
3′ x 6′

$49.95 CAD



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