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Terahertz Power Patch


The Terahertz (THz) Power Patch is infused with a low THz vibration that charges electrons in your cells augmenting their frequencies and simulating healthy cells.  It stimulates circulation and works to remove built up lactic acid in the joints to help with stiffness and pain.

Terahertz Power Patches are similar to band aids that stick to the body for therapeutic purposes. Apply to affected area, placing to opposing each other if possible. You can leave them on the body while you shower and sleep. They should stick for up to 3 weeks on the body.

The charge is never lost so…

An addition to being beneficial for general health, they also can be used in the following ways:

  • Line refrigerator crispers to elongate life of vegetables and fruit
  • Line fruit bowls
  • Place on inside of garbage can lid to prevent rotting for a scent free garbage
  • Line a coaster to keep your wine pure
  • Place on batteries to elongate life
  • Place on solar cells for better efficiency
  • Stick to either side of your water bottle to help purify water
  • Noise reduction in electronic appliances
  • Aids in the fermentation process


THz (Terahertz) Power Patches
(10 per sheet)


$24.95 CAD

THz Power Patch (Single)
$5.00 CAD



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