Specializing in Advanced Wellness Technology
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Specializing in Advanced Wellness Technology!

Nature’s Eco Way is a Canadian company dedicated to providing our clients with some of the most advanced technology in the wellness industry. Our focus is on a range of products from Japan are water remediation to restoring and maintaining cellular health in all life. These products are a natural way of helping to restore the health of all living cells.

The Terahertz (THz) Power Patch is infused with a low THz vibration that charges electrons in your cells augmenting their frequencies and simulating healthy cells. It stimulates circulation and works to remove built up lactic acid in the joints to help with stiffness and pain.

Beneficial for general health and other applications!

• Line refrigerator crispers
• Line fruit bowls
• Place in garbage, prevent rotting
• Line coasters to keep wine pure
• Place on batteries to elongate life
• Place on solar cells for efficiency
• Stick on bottle to purify water
• Reduce noise in appliances
• Aids in fermentation process

The 3' x 6' Terahertz Power Sheet can be used to line fresh produce counters to slow down the oxidation process and help keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

This electromagnetic wave raises the vibration of living cells helping to keep them energized and delays decomposition. This may help reduce waste and save money on lost produce.

Beneficial for good health!

• Yoga Power Mat
• Mattress covers
• Driver Seats
• Sleep blanket
• Promotes pain relief

The ELMA Battery Life Extender (BLE) For use in any vehicle with a battery (cars, trucks, golf carts, boats , RV’s). As well as solar cells, heavy equipment, construction machinery etc. This Elma system restores batteries with a 1 billion per second electronic pulsation of vibration that breaks down the sulfate which covers the battery plates that causes them to die. This device restores batteries to full potential within 2 weeks and will keep them charged.

Vehicle Benefits!

• Reduces need to recycle batteries
• Reduction of cost
• Storage efficiency is increased
• Reducing load on car alternator
• Improves fuel economy
• Heat-resistant material 90C ~ -30C

vG7 Water Activator turns your water into Super Activated Hexagonal Structured Water Restructures water molecules into an organized crystalline matrix with properties different from ordinary water.

Improved Health Benefits!

• Raises vibration of electrons
• Returns natural water energy
• Hydrates body more rapidly
• Enhanced nutrient absorption
• Improvementsmetabolic efficiency
• Reduces antibacterial properties
• Dissolves grease & oil
• Promotes healthy plant growth
• No electricity required
• No filters needed
• No maintenance necessary
• Eliminates odours


The information on this website or any of the products offered herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Translations and content subject to errors and omissions. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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